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The simple answer is the life insurance policies run out of cash and the policies crash….perhaps the better question is WHAT CAN POLICY OWNERS DO ABOUT IT? Get a doctor…AKA as the “Life insurance Dr.” We diagnose and treat what is ailing your policy

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David Kottler

David Kottler is a national speaker, author, and entrepreneur who combines his legal and business experience to produce game-changing results for clients by providing cash, cash savings, and tax savings through his portfolio rescue process.

In 1995, David changed careers and became a financial planner, where he was able to pursue his lifelong goal of helping business owners and families effectively transfer wealth and make an impact through philanthropy. Today, through his company, The Life Insurance Doctor™, David leverages outside-the-box thinking to create game-changing results for his clients by using an innovative “True Value” life insurance review process that employs creative buy-and-sell techniques. Over the past few years, he has generated millions of dollars in cash and tax benefits for his clients.

David’s main passion is philanthropy. He believes there is a great need for education and guidance for high net worth individuals who wish to align life goals with hard-earned wealth. David’s objective is to collaborate with clients to produce the best financial and philanthropic results for them by enabling them to understand the “why” of planning.

He lives in Cleveland with his wife, Marcela, where they have raised a blended family of nine children and currently have five lovely grandchildren. He is an avid golfer which has been a lifelong passion.

Don’t Take Our Word For It – What our Clients have to Say!

I wanted to let you know, I used Kottler for a very complex estate planning case and he was truly amazing. He is the best I have ever worked with, creative and great resources. Every client over 70 is an opportunity to sell an unnecessary policy or restructure stale plans.

Gary Shamis, CPA, M. Acc. Senior Managing Director and Founder, SS&G, Inc. – CPAs and Advisers

David has been a trusted advisor for the insurance and estate planning needs of our executives for the past two decades. We value his experience and knowledge. In the past several years, David has identified solutions with beneficial financial and tax planning results which we have utilized.

Mark Wester, Senior VP and CFO, Waxman Industries, Inc.

David Kottler is a passionate, genuine, and caring person who would do almost anything to help another human in need of help that his skill set and abilities have allowed him to be able to do in this life When it comes to Jewish philanthropy and or the Hebrew word (tzedakah), I would recommend David. (From: Current board member with the Cleveland Hillel in Cleveland, Ohio, and the corporate executive leadership committee with Hattie Larlham and co-owner of Majestic Steel USA, Inc.)

Jonathan Adam Leebow, Majestic Steel USA

I have known David for over ten years. We have collaborated on various projects with an emphasis on helping local charities through advanced planning techniques. His education, as well as being an attorney and a seasoned businessman, helps make complicated matters easy to understand. I have seen David utilize his “outside the box” thinking to resolve a potential or existing problem for clients. In some cases, the client was not even aware they had a problem. I highly recommend him.

Nobby Lewandowski - CPA, MBA, Philanthropist, Author, Speaker

David’s unique ability is his honesty, integrity, and negotiating skills. I believe he is one of the best negotiators and also has the characteristics of determination and persistence. He gets things done and shows great intelligence for the financial and insurance business.

Mel Waxman, Business Owner and Philanthropist

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The Best Kept Money Secret in Your Insurance Policy
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