What is an expert policy performance review?
What makes it different from the annual paperwork the company sends me every year?
Why is it important?

These are all great questions…the basic answer is 90% of all life insurance policies run out of cash before paying a Death Benefit and the best way to avoid this huge waste of money… is to get an expert bi-annual policy performance review.

Have the Life Insurance Doctor Perform a Life Insurance Review

For qualified policies of $250,000 or more death benefit

Our basic review will provide critically important information for you to be able to determine if your policy:

  • will last to life expectancy at current premium rates
  • is performing according to original projections
  • if the projection assumptions were reasonable
  • if your policy provides all the potential coverage you need including a long term care component
  • is in jeopardy because of loans against the policy which can result in adverse tax consequences
  • has what we call “floor guarantees” if your policy has an investment component

All of the above and many more issues can surface from our review.

Life Insurance Review

Below is an example of a review we did that saved the client considerable money and protected his policy from lapsing:

Expert Life Insurance Performance Review

Our mission is to help protect and Maximize the value for policy owners…allow us to help you in that process

A proper review cannot be done except by an expert life insurance advisor and consultant.

Everything begins with an expert life insurance performance review.

In order to accomplish this properly, it is necessary to start with what we call current in-force illustrations of your policy.

An in-force illustration is the only way to gauge the potential future performance of a policy and to see if changes are needed in order to avoid problems.

An in-force illustration uses current policy values (cash value, death benefit, and loan balance) and projects future values based on:

  • Current earnings (interest rate/dividend that helps grow your cash value)
  • Mortality (the actual cost of the life insurance for you)
  • Expense charge (the insurer’s fees)

A life insurance company can change any of these policy components at their discretion and usually is not required to disclose that they have made a change or what that change is. An in-force illustration will help you determine if any modifications will impact your life insurance policy.

Through understanding how the policy is performing compared to original expectations and discovering the reasons for which the policy was purchased, the doctor is able to determine how to help the policy owner avoid being on the wrong side of the 90% whose policies fail.

In some instances, the performance audit will highlight the opportunity for the policy owner to “sell” his policy for value to a third-party buyer (see settlement page for more specifics).

In other instances, the policy owner may be able to salvage the policy he has or even replace that policy for less out-of-pocket cost.

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