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Speaking the Truth

David Kottler, The Life insurance Doctor, shares how to provide cash, cash savings, and tax savings to your clients through their existing life insurance policies.

Financial advisors such as CPAs, attorneys, accountants, etc..  will gain valuable insight into how their clients can get the most out of their policy and find more money to fund their retirement, go on vacation, care for a loved one, and more!

Why should you hire The Life Insurance Doctor to speak at your next event?

  • He’ll show you how you can help clients discover money NOW for vacations, charitable giving, caring for loved ones, and more.
  • Hear from a trusted advisor whose industry experience will empower and inspire you to take action.
  • Learn how to help your clients maximize their life insurance benefits.
  • Gain an understanding of industry secrets from a seasoned professional who has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their dreams!


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What our clients have to say

“I always like to include David to speak at our annual conference for hundreds of the top executives and managing partners of the larger CPA firms in the US. Our conference is called Winning is Everything and David’s innovations and expertise in the life insurance industry has helped many firms expand their services and revenues which is very much in sync with our value added content.”

Gary Shamis

Founder SS &G CPA firm and Winning is Everything Conference

David spoke to our practicing group of estate attorneys which resulted in us referring a case for a client of ours through our understanding of what he does. As a result, the client obtained many millions of dollars in benefits and referred us a new client to boot.

Rodney Piercy

Piercey and Associates, Barrington, IL