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DAVID KOTTLER is a national speaker, author, and entrepreneur who combines his legal and business experience in helping Americans leverage and maintain their life insurance policy through his company, The Insurance Dr. David draws on his 28 years of financial planning experience to create game-changing results for his clients through his innovative “True Value”TM life insurance review process. Over the past few years, he has generated over $30 million dollars in cash and tax benefits for his clients.

David is the author of two books. His latest book, The Best Kept Money Secret in Your Insurance Policy, was written to empower his clients and other financial professionals to get the most out of their life insurance policies in their portfolios. David explains how to use life settlements, financed life insurance and his expert analytical review process to find and protect hidden value in life insurance policies.

“This is a wonderful, intelligent book that will show you how to make or save money with your life insurance-for life.”

Brian Tracy, Author – The Way to Wealth

President – BT International

“Very important book for attorneys, CPAs and agents.”


Original shark from Shark Tank and inventor of the infomercial

“This book is the secret weapon that every person can use to finally understand their life insurance policy. It can help you achieve financial success in business and life that is truly magical!”


“Ex-Disney Guy”

As The Wall Street Journal recently reported, a case against Transamerica has been successfully litigated, disallowing their attempt to raise mortality costs. Hundreds of thousands of people are affected. They may not be aware that a rate increase has begun to eat up the cash value of their policies.
David Kottler is available to comment on this story and other trends in the insurance industry. He can also offer advice to protect consumers and help them find new value in their life insurance policies.


Certain Insurance Carriers Are Using Deceptive Practices to Encourage Policy Owners to Drop their Policies

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David is the author of two books. In Common Sense is Not that Common, he shares 11 key principles he learned during his business career, including those gleaned during years of working alongside his father in the family’s food distribution business. With charm, devotion and a touch of wit, David credits his late father, whose voice echoes throughout the book, for teaching him the most important guiding


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