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Find Hidden Cash In Your Clients’ Life Insurance Policies

If you are in the wealth management industry and not advising on your clients’ existing life insurance policies, you are missing out on what your clients want…integrated financial services. Over 90% of polices do not last to maturity and a big reason for that is the tremendous lack of ongoing service of polices. Of the polices in existence today, the agents who sold approximately 70% of those policies are not even in the business anymore. By reviewing your clients’ policies annually and adjusting accordingly, you can provide tangible benefits and save your clients money.

Start generating additional revenue, clients, and client satisfaction.

By performing bi-annual reviews and analysis, The Life insurance Doctor produces game changing results by providing cash, cash savings, and tax savings so your clients can get the most out of their policy and find more money to fund their retirement, go on vacation, care for a loved one, and more!  Watch the video below to learn more.

The life insurance doctor helped secure over $15 million in cash and savings for clients in 2016 and over $1.3MM has been paid out to referral sources.

Why Should You Partner With The Life Insurance Doctor?

  • You’d like to offer other integrated financial services
  • You’d like to save more money for clients while earning more for your firm
  • You’re experiencing shrinking margins
  • Other businesses are encroaching on your services
  • Fewer people are using CPA firms
  • Clients have insurance policies but insurance is not your specialty

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