Insurance Settlement

We are partners with Abundant Life Funds, a faith-filled community of cancer patients, and others with a serious illness, who convert life insurance policies into immediate cash. Our mission is to help people who have life insurance policies and who are fighting cancer to maximize the benefits they can receive from these policies at the time when they need funds the most. We have a variety of strategies to help accomplish that.

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Whether you need to pay for treatment of catch up on medical bills, consolidate debt, pay your mortgage, or take a dream vacation, this is your money to spend without restrictions. If you have been diagnosed with cancer or another serious medical condition and have at least $100,000 of life insurance, you may qualify to receive up to 75% of your total death benefit NOW.

David Kottler, who works with our cancer patients, is very grateful that his own daughter, who was diagnosed with leukemia 9 years ago at the age of 7, is in remission today. That experience shook him to the core, deepened his faith, and thankfully had a favorable outcome. Today, David joins together with us to help patients and their families going through this type of experience. He recognizes how cancer can put tremendous financial strain during the cancer fight. To address this critical need he works tirelessly with capital markets and insurance companies to deliver innovative financing options to those who need it.

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